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 { FAQ }

Have a question about working together? No problemo. Check out the FAQs below for more deets on what it's like to work with me.

And if you can't find the answer to your question there, email me directly at allison@paintedsummers.com, and I'll be sure to send a personal answer over to you lickity split.

How does booking work?

You'll fill out that spiffy inquiry form on this page, and I'll be back in touch with you within 48 hours. If it seems like we might be a match made in branding heaven, we'll set up a time for a free discovery chat where we'll discuss your project together in-depth over coffee (or beer if that's more your jam!).

And if we're not the right fit? I'll still be back in touch to give you other resources and/or designers who might be a better fit for your project.

Once we've had the chance to discuss your brand, your goals, and your design needs, I'll put together a custom proposal outlining all of your project's unique details along with a custom quote.

If everything looks groovy, we'll both sign a contract as an extra safety measure to protect our businesses.

And before those nervous sweats kick in, relax. It'll be written in plain English (none of that legalese jargon) and we'll go over it all together to make sure we're both on the same page with everything.

After that I'll then send over the invoice for your initial deposit.

Once that's paid, it's OFFICIAL! We're partners in crime. Two peas in a pod. The ultimate branding buddies.

I'm gonna warn you now, some mad celebrating (complete with tons of lame dance moves) is totally gonna happen on my end. Feel free to join in.

How long does the design process take?

A hand-lettered logo and full brand identity generally takes about 6 weeks from start to finish.

WEEK 1: Inspiration & Research My job is to make sure your words get read by the right people, and that all starts with research. Your brand, your audience, your personality? We'll explore it all together. We'll also go over visual inspiration to develop the look and feel that represents the voice and vibe of your brand.

WEEK 2-3: Logo Sketching & Brand Development Once we feel like we have a solid direction for the vibe we want for your designs, I’ll get started on sketching different logo concept ideas until I land on a final concept that I feel best meets your goals. This is also when I'll develop your brand's color palette and fonts.

We’ll chat about the concept and brand elements together, and I’ll walk you through my thought process of how I arrived at those particular design choices. Based on your feedback, I’ll go back and make any necessary changes to make sure we nail this stage before moving forward.

WEEK 4-5: Logo Digitization & Collateral Design Using the final sketch concept as a skeleton of sorts, I’ll move on to create the final digital version of the logo. I’ll make every individual tweak and adjustment necessary to make sure the final design is the best quality it can possibly be. This includes things such as color, layout, shape, etc.

I'll also use this time to design the rest of your brand elements as well as any collateral materials you need (we'll go over this during our free discovery chat). Things like business cards, social graphics, media kits? I gotchu covered here.

WEEK 6: Project Finalization (and Celebration!) Here's where we finally reach that rich, chocolatey center and bring everything together as your full brand identity. You'll receive your brand guidelines, all download files, and we'll pop open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate.

Custom projects vary depending on the amount of work involved. I'll give you a timeline estimate once I've learned more about what you need.

How involved will I be in the process?

I like to think of this as a collaboration between the two of us. Both of us working together to create a brand that fully represents exactly what you're all about.

To do that, we'll be meeting up over Skype (or in person if you're near the St. Louis, MO area) at the start of each new project phase. These meetups are usually about 30-60 min long and help us make sure we're both on the same page with the direction the designs are headed.

You'll also get your own private client page that'll act as a home base for us throughout the entire project where I'll share design notes, any homework for you to complete, process images, and download files to keep you in the loop with every aspect of the entire design process.

What will I need to have ready before we start?

Besides a killer sense of humor, you'll need to have all of your content prepared ahead of time in order for us to move forward. This includes things like photos, text, etc.

Are you available for custom design/lettering projects?

You betcha! Just fill out the project inquiry form at the end of this page and let me know what you have in mind.

{ past clients }

"If you need brand design help or hand lettering, go to her.

Allison is a blessing to work with. She is bright and understanding as well as friendly and excited to work with you, on top of being immensely talented. All my dread about bringing in another person were nothing in comparison to the enjoyment in the actual experience.

Allison understood my book from day one and gave me a masterpiece in the way of cover art. If you want not only quality work but a quality person, talk to Allison. Not only will you be getting top-notch work, you’ll be getting a wonderful partner."

Douglas Humphries, Author of Fire in My Bones

"Talking with Allison doesn't feel like work--it's like talking to a great friend who just "gets" you. 

Allison is an absolute joy to work with. I would recommend her to creative entrepreneurs who are looking for something custom and unique and want to be involved in the process along the way. It's not just about logos, too. Allison makes it a point to learn about or help develop your brand, values, typography, colors, and graphic elements so that everything fits together seamlessly.

She was professional and organized every step of the way and provided a private client page so you could follow the progress of the project. There were a lot of moments of "surprise and delight" where she went above and beyond in delivering an experience. 

Talking with Allison doesn't feel like work--it's like talking to a great friend who just "gets" you. I always felt like Allison was on my team and supporting me beyond creating a logo. I loved how personal the experience was and I would hire her for future projects in a heartbeat." 

Marissa Burdett, Creator of Ampersand.co



Fill out this handy dandy project form, and if it seems like we might be a good fit, I'll be back in touch with you to set up a discovery call. This'll give us the chance to have some good ol' face-to-face time together, get to know each other, and go over your vision for your project more in-depth. Sound good? Sa-weet. 

Let's get started!

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